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Say goodbye to your office tech issues with a subscription plan that saves you money and gives you the peace of mind that help is just a click away.




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300 Minutes/Month
✓ 1 Admin Account
✓ 20 Regular Users
✓ Email/Chat Support

✓ Live Call Support

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Our Geeks are carefully vetted to make sure they are qualified to help. In case there are more complex issues, we have a Tier II support and a dedicated account manager for our subscription plans.

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Pay as you go

You’re charged only for the time a Geeker is providing service, so you can feel confident you’re not being overcharged.


Your IT and tech questions are solved confidently by a fluent English-speaking technician you’ll understand and trust.

Efficient Assistance

Your issues are solved with speed and efficiency without sacrificing time or quality.

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Our Geeks are given extensive background checks to certify qualifications and expertise.

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We help you remotely so you don't waste precious travel time or expenses

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Your issue is given undivided attention — our experts won't stop until it's fully resolved.

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