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Instant Support Including:

✓ Quickbooks
✓ Excel
✓ Sheets


Savvy businesses and others like you trust Geeker for their IT and tech smarts.

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✓ 1 Admin Account
✓ Additional Users $79.99/month
✓ Call Support
✓ 60 Minutes/Month Per User
✓ Monday — Friday 9am-9pm
✓ No minimum time commitment

Reg. $150.00 You pay: $99.99
You save: 27%



✓ 1 Admin Account
✓ Unlimited Additional Users
✓ Call Support
✓ 300 Minutes/Month Per User
✓ Monday — Friday 9am – 9pm
✓ No minimum time commitment

Reg. $675.00 You pay: $499.99

You save: 26%

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What’s the average time to solve a tech problem? What’s the average price for your service?

The average time to solve a technical problem is around 35 minutes, depending on the complexity. The average job cost is about $65, depending on the complexity.

Why do I need your service if ChatGPT can solve all my software problems?

  1. ChatGPT only works if you clearly understand the issue you are experiencing, and have a very basic/specific question with a clear answer.
  2. ChatGPT cannot explain how the solution relates to you (e.g. how the formula fits into your sheet).
  3. A experienced technician can go ahead and fix it for you in minutes, and explain exactly why it works.

Why is Geeker better than my own IT department? Why should I choose your service?

  1. Geeker provides support in minutes, IT departments take hours or days to solve most issues.
  2. Your IT Department does not help with software issues
  3. Geeker supports your IT department by running a basic checklist before wasting their time with issues.

Can I get Geeker’s support at any time? Or do you have any working hours?

You can post any time, but are mostly likely to get on demand help 9am to 9pm EST.

How many tech professionals do you have?

We have a P2P marketplace with over a 100 US vetted technicians.

Are all of your tech professionals from the USA?

Yes our P2P platform is only for the US, however we do have additional overseas support staff as backup to step in if things are too busy and a user does not want to wait.

I have a very complex problem — will you be able to solve it?

97.5% of the problems people have thrown at us were resolved by our experts. But don’t just take our word for it – our ecstatic customers keep coming back to us for help with all sorts of tech issues.

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