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Malcolm was very helpful, professional, and resolved my issue within a matter of minutes (after I had spent hours trying to do so myself). Would highly recommend him.
David C.
Oct 22
Wait Time < 1min
Karl was amazingly efficient and resolved my issue in a matter of minutes. Highly recommend!
Shamika W.
Oct 19
Wait time: > 1 min
Karl was great. He was quick to understand what I needed and took care of it imstantly. He communicated very well with me and a huge help. Thank you!
Enrique L.
Nov 12
Wait time: > 1 min
Super helpful and taught me how to do it on my own later!
Michael B.
Sep 27
Wait Time 2 min
Johan was amazing! He was very helpful and seems to care a lot about my struggles with excel but also making sure I learn while we go and I am doing things efficiently
Parker S.
Sep 27
Wait time: > 1 min
Amjed is a wonderful person and very knowledgeable. He even helped my memory with challenge questions I like that!!!
Lance Fletes
Aug 28
Wait time: > 1 min


What’s the average time to solve a problem / average price?

This depends on your job type and complexity. Some jobs (like a simple Excel formula) can take just 5 minutes and cost around $10. While more complex IT jobs may take longer.


Our overall average time to solve (across all job types) is about 35 minutes with an average job cost of $65.

Why is Geeker easier & faster than ChatGPT?
  1. ChatGPT only works if you clearly understand and can articulate difficult questions about your problem. With Geeker, it’s easy! Your expert asks you brilliant questions to pinpoint your solution in minutes.

  2. ChatGPT can’t screen share and walk you through solutions. Our Geeks can do that.

  3. ChatGPT can’t deliver personalized
    solutions that match your exact situation (e.g. how the formula fits into your sheet). We do that.

  4. ChatGPT can’t fix it for you via remote access and explain how it works while you watch. Our Geeks love doing that. 😉
Why do I need Geeker if I have my own IT department (or MSP)?
  1. Geeker provides support in minutes, IT departments take hours or days.

  2. Your IT Department doesn’t help with software issues (like Excel, Quickbooks, etc.).

  3. For complex issues, Geeker supports your IT department by running a diagnostics checklist before bogging them down.
Can I get Geeker’s support at any time? Or do you have any working hours?
On-demand help (within 5 minutes on average) is available 9am to 9pm EST. However, you can schedule or post a job any time, and our Geeks often come to the rescue for emergencies.
How many tech professionals do you have?
Our P2P marketplace gives you access to over 100 US-based, strictly vetted technicians with a wide variety of specializations – so you can get help from an expert with the right background & experience.
Are all of your tech professionals from the USA?
Yes! Our primary technician force is US-based ONLY – although, we keep a couple of additional overseas support staff to step in if we’re too busy and a customer doesn’t want to wait for the next available US agent.
I have a very complex problem — will you be able to solve it?

Very likely, yes! We have a 97.5% solve rate on ALL issues – and you also get up to 5 minutes free at the start of your call for your expert to “assess” your issue and decide if they can solve it.


Post a job now, and talk with your Geek – 100% risk free.