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Get customers delivered to you for on-demand help. Only accept jobs when you want to.
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Your skills are welcome at Geeker.

We’re looking for experts in a wide variety of categories with new software & IT jobs opening all the time. If we don’t have your service yet, apply so we can list it!

IT support

Starts @ $83/hr.

Software Support

Starts @ $84/hr.

Web Development

Starts @ $84/hr.

Software Engineering

Starts @ $104/hr.

Digital Marketing

Starts @ $83/hr.

Cyber Security

Starts @ $104/hr.

Web / Mobile Design

Starts @ $104/hr.


Starts @ $104/hr.

Freedom to work how you want.

We match you.

Get matched with the right customers automatically and choose whichever jobs you like.

No proposals.

Never write a proposal or interview for a job. We deliver you customers who are ready to work with you immediately.

Work from home.

Geeker is remote. No office, no commute. Make great money from anywhere.

Own your schedule.

You are your boss at Geeker. Set your schedule and work only when you want to.

Guaranteed pay.

We guarantee your payments, even if the customer’s payment fails.

Free to use.

Your Geeker account is 100% free with no associated fees except commission on jobs.

Start getting paid in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Sign Up

Create your free account, tell us about your expertise and start the vetting process.

Step 2: Help People

Once you’re vetted, just set your schedule to get notified when jobs match your skills – and respond whenever you want to help.

Step 3: Get Paid

You’ll be paid automatically at the end of each pay period (bi-weekly). It’s that easy!

I’ve made over $5,000 per month with Geeker doing tech jobs I actually enjoy in my spare time.” *

– Justin T.
IT Specialist 

*Top Geeks have made over $5,000/month with Geeker. Your experience and income may vary based on how many jobs you take and job availability.

Give customers a great experience.

And get more repeat business.


Screen Share

Give customers a smooth experience and walk them through fixes using Geeker’s built-in screen sharing feature.


Remote Access

Easily rescue overwhelmed customers who want you to “fix it for them” via remote control at the click of a button.

Who can become a Geek?
If you have technical expertise in technology, development, software, or anything in the digital space including marketing, automations, CRMs and more, you should apply to become a Geek! We’re constantly updating the list of services we offer based on our talent pool. So if you’re ready to help people, we’re ready to connect them to you!
How do I make money during Geeker meetings / jobs?
Once you accept a job and start a meeting, you’ll start accruing minutes for your time on the call. The amount you’re paid will depend on the type of job – but it varies from $1.99/minute to $2.49/minute (minus Geeker’s 30% commission). Those minutes are then averaged across multiple calls, and you’ll be paid out later on a bi-weekly basis.
How does payment work?

When you take jobs, your billable minutes will be tracked and your payment will be automatically deposited to your designated financial account on a bi-weekly basis.

How does vetting work?
After you create your free account, you’ll put in your specializations and begin the vetting process. This typically consists of digital assessments we give, as well as manual vetting, background checks, and virtual interviews to ensure we’re hiring trustworthy technicians.
Does Geeker take any fees?

Your Geeker account is free forever, and Geeker has a commission rate of 30% on jobs. This helps us run the business and ads which drive more customers to you. After fees, you’ll get paid approximately $84–$104 per hour (i.e., $2.49/minute x 60 = $149.40/hour – 30% = $104.58/hour).