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Once your virus is identified, we’ll quarantine and remove it. You’re good to go!

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After your issue is resolved, your Geek will show you the fix and how to protect yourself in the future.

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Malcolm was very helpful, professional, and resolved my issue within a matter of minutes (after I had spent hours trying to do so myself). Would highly recommend him.
David C.
Oct 22
Wait Time < 1min
Karl was amazingly efficient and resolved my issue in a matter of minutes. Highly recommend!
Shamika W.
Oct 19
Wait time: > 1 min
Karl was great. He was quick to understand what I needed and took care of it imstantly. He communicated very well with me and a huge help. Thank you!
Enrique L.
Nov 12
Wait time: > 1 min
Super helpful and taught me how to do it on my own later!
Michael B.
Sep 27
Wait Time 2 min
Johan was amazing! He was very helpful and seems to care a lot about my struggles with excel but also making sure I learn while we go and I am doing things efficiently
Parker S.
Sep 27
Wait time: > 1 min
Amjed is a wonderful person and very knowledgeable. He even helped my memory with challenge questions I like that!!!
Lance Fletes
Aug 28
Wait time: > 1 min


What’s the average time / price to remove a virus?
In most cases, virus identification & removal can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours. This depends on the steps we need to take before scanning (like booting into Safe Mode, etc.) and the size of your computer’s hard drive. Average cost is about $50–$100.
Will I be connected with a real person?
Yes! You’ll be connected with a certified cybersecurity professional who will hold your hand and keep you informed through the entire removal process.
How do you remove viruses?
First, we use onboard software on your computer to assess the issue. Then, if necessary (and with your permission), we’ll use top-notch software for free to scan, identify, and remove threats which your current antivirus may be missing.
I’ve already run an antivirus scan but couldn't find anything. Can you still help?
Unfortunately, many popular antivirus softwares miss threats. After our initial evaluation, we’ll use what we believe is the most effective software available (for free) to identify and remove threats. This is what we IT Geeks use on our own systems, and it works.
Do you really guarantee virus removal?
If a virus is the problem, we’re confident we can remove it. But if (in the very unlikely case) we can’t fix it remotely, you won’t pay anything. Either walk away with a fixed PC, or don’t pay. No risk to you.