Help with Tableau, in under 10 minutes.

Let’s get your data
making sense again.

With a 97.5% success rate—we can help with everything Tableau. From complex issues to simple error messages—we’ll get you back on track.


Billed in 6 minute increments.

Example: up to 5:59 = $12

You’ll only be charged for the time a Geeker is providing service, so you can feel confident you’re not being overcharged.

You need an expert on the case. Fast.

Geeker will send you help in minutes.

Tell us what the issue is and we’ll pair you with an expert right away.


Your Geeker will set up a screen share and immediately start solving the issue.


Your allocated Geeker will give your issue the full attention it deserves until it has been completely resolved.


From connecting CRMs and data sources—to filtering, visualization and complex analysis.

Whether you’re an IT expert, a business owner, a data-driven marketer, or a data presenter / explorer—you’re just a click away from a specialist who can help.


No more scratching your head at that error message, struggling to properly filter data, or seeing your data incorrectly displayed.


Our Geeks are on the case in less than 10 minutes on average to get you back on track.


Fast. Safe. Trusted. Reliable.

No Tableau Issue Too Small—Or Too Complex.


Need help getting Tableau properly connected to all your data sources and CRMs? 

Our Geeks make sure you get safely connected with data sources like SalesForce, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot and more—so you get the right data flowing in.

Easily set up consolidated data—and make sure your dashboard is showing what it should be.



Struggling to filter your data? Errors? Broken calculations? Non-optimized data slowing down systems?

Our Geeks can help you take down all these problems blazing fast—so you have clean, empowering data to run with.


“Uh oh, that isn’t how it’s supposed to look…” 😟

When you’re publishing your data publicly—you need your dashboard to show up correctly, right?

Our Geeks are here to help you get your data looking amazing, so you can be proud of your work.



Trying to get an outcome again and again with no luck? That’s because what you get from Tableau is highly dependent on the sequence of steps you take to get there.

Our Geeks will walk backward with you to identify the problem so you can finally get to the outcome you want.

This seems too good. Are there any hidden fees?

No! Our pricing is simple, transparent, and created around you because we believe you deserve premium support without spending a ton.

Can you explain the pay-as-you-go payment?

You will only be charged for the time that you’re on the call with a Geek. Starting from $12 per 6 minutes. NO extra hidden fees.

I have a very complex problem — will you be able to solve it?

We’ve resolved an average of 97.5% of problems people have thrown at us, and our ecstatic customers return for help with other tech issues too. Try us

Do you offer free trials or discounts?

Yes! We honor our new customers by giving them their first 6 minutes of help for FREE! Just create your account (also free), post a job and get your free 6 minutes applied to your call automatically!