Microsoft Word

Get help with Microsoft Word, in under 10 minutes.

Fast fixes for when Word has gone weird.

Word gone wild? Our on-demand Word experts are waiting to help you. With a 97.5% solve rate and built-in, video-based guidance. Our Geeks are just a click away.


Billed in 6 minute increments.

Example: up to 5:59 = $12

You’ll only be charged for the time a Geeker is providing service, so you can feel confident you’re not being overcharged.

Solve your Word issues in minutes.

Geeker sends you help immediately.

Tell us what the issue is and we’ll pair you with an expert right away.


Your Geeker will set up a screen share and immediately start solving the issue.


Your allocated Geeker will give your issue the full attention it deserves until it has been completely resolved.


Make your Word docs & files look good, print good, export good, share good—everything good.

When Word eats your hard work or makes it look ugly before you present it to someone important—you need help, fast.

With Geeker, enjoy an optional built-in screen share with video-based guidance— so you can solve any Word issue in minutes.

From bugs & file issues, to lists that’ve gone crazy—to spacing, formatting & alignment problems, and even complex macros—our Geeks get you back in “wording” order.

Fast. Safe. Trusted. Reliable.

We’re like Doctors for your Word docs.​


Uneven or weird spacing? Bullet lists that’ve gone crazy? Margins that won’t align or print correctly?


No matter what your formatting woes, our Geeks are here to help you get your Word docs looking perfect—in any format—in minutes.

Exporting / Sharing

Are your docs not looking quite right when you convert to another filetype (ie, PDF)—or when you print or share them with others?

This can be extremely annoying! Our Geeks can help you resolve the issue quickly, so you can hit your deadlines with docs that look as amazing as you actually are.

*because you really are amazing. 🙂


Errors / Glitches

Bizarre glitches when you type? Errors opening files? Problems with saving, spellcheck, or other issues?

Our Geeks aren’t just skilled technicians—they’re also Word specialists. Meaning it’s likely they know what you’re experiencing and can help you resolve your issue in minutes.

And with an average solve time of between 5–15 minutes, we’re not just saying that.


Having other issues with Microsoft Word—or not sure exactly what the issue is? That’s okay!

Just explain the issue (or enable the optional screen share to show us), and we’ll help walk you through to the solution.

Our Geeks are super friendly, capable & ready to help! And we’ll stick with you till the problem is resolved—or until you know what to do next.

This seems too good. Are there any hidden fees?

No! Our pricing is simple, transparent, and created around you because we believe you deserve premium support without spending a ton.

Can you explain the pay-as-you-go payment?

You will only be charged for the time that you’re on the call with a Geek. Starting from $12 per 6 minutes. NO extra hidden fees.

I have a very complex problem — will you be able to solve it?

We’ve resolved an average of 97.5% of problems people have thrown at us, and our ecstatic customers return for help with other tech issues too. Try us

Do you offer free trials or discounts?

Yes! We honor our new customers by giving them their first 6 minutes of help for FREE! Just create your account (also free), post a job and get your free 6 minutes applied to your call automatically!