Job Link Added to SMS

What’s new: Job links will be sent via SMS. How it works: As requested by many Geeks, we will now have a short URL for the job details sent via SMS. The URL will direct you and the customer to a job or chat message. SMS Samples:      

File Upload Notification

What’s new: If a customer needs to upload a file while you are working on their tech issue, you will receive a notification on your dashboard and via email. So you won’t miss out on anything. 🙂 Dashboard Notification:   Email Notification: Pop Up Notification:

Job Taken Email

What’s new: If you ever feel you are receiving dozens of emails, you can now have the option to opt out of the “Job was taken” email notification. Here’s how: Go to Settings, then click Profile Settings

Meeting Recordings

What’s new: Recordings are now available to be purchased, viewed, and downloaded directly from your dashboard. How It Works: Once paid, the recording is always available on your previous jobs. Please note some longer meetings will have multiple recording files.   IMPORTANT: Make sure you and the customer start sharing your screen first before starting …

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