Geeker Bookmark

Option 1 – Do it Yourself
Option 2 – We’ll Do It For You

Option 1 – Do it Yourself

Add the Bookmark Yourself:

  1. Head to Geeker HERE on your computer.
  2. Spot the Bookmark star to the right of the address bar? Click it to secure our page as your go-to tech lifeline.
  3. To revisit your bookmark when you need us, just find it in the Bookmarks bar. No bar? No problem. Click More (the three dots), then “Bookmarks and lists,” and finally, “Show bookmarks bar” to bring it into view or you can click the bookmark there.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it yourself:

Option 2 – We’ll Do It For You (Desktop Only)

Here’s how to do it with Geeker:

  1. Go to the ‘Home Page‘ or Login to your account and click ‘Get Help Now
  2. Select ‘Geeker Demo/Bookmark Installation (Free)
  3. Choose ‘Get a Free Bookmark and Demo
  4. Then type ‘Demo
  5. Done! Click next and a Geek will be with you in minutes.