Rounding In Excel

When using Excel, you’ll likely get a lot of different results from various calculations and functions. However, it may not always be helpful to have a spreadsheet filled with decimal points and fractional digits. Instead, you may want to round up or round down to the nearest whole number. There are also other ways of …

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Excel XLOOKUP Guide

Excel should make your life easier, particularly when it comes to organizing large datasets and then finding specific bits of information within those datasets. Fortunately, the XLOOKUP function was specifically designed with this need in mind. Rather than trying to manually track down corresponding data points or combining multiple functions, you can simply use XLOOKUP …

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How To Insert A Checkbox and Tick Marks In Excel

Both checkboxes and tick marks can be very useful for creating to-do lists, interactive charts, and other dynamic functions in spreadsheets. However, not all checkboxes and tick marks are created equal. Some allow you to interact with them directly, while others are simply images that serve as replacements for cumbersome words or data points. Therefore, …

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