Explaining the Meeting Screen

1. Helping Hand

Hey there! If you come across an issue that’s beyond your expertise, don’t worry. Just click on the “Transfer” button located at the bottom right. This will connect the customer to the right technician who can help them out.


2. Time Matters

At Geeker, our customers come first! We’re all about quick and easy solutions. If a customer call stretches beyond 30 minutes, just let them know that it’s a bit out of our usual scope. We care about answering all their questions, and if they need more assistance, they can always give us a ring again.


3. Screen Sharing

Want to share screens with a customer? Easy peasy! Ask them to click on the “Share” button on their screen. They’ll be prompted to download Zoho – just reassure them that it’s a quick download. They’ll need to click “Join” to start the Remote Session.


4. Getting Remote Access

When a Technician wants remote access, they might see a pop-up. No worries – just click “Always allow pop-ups and redirects.”


To take control of a customer’s screen, click “Enable Remote.”


5. Converting to Long Jobs

Sometimes, jobs need more time, right? If that’s the case, you can suggest extending the call.

Here are two options:

  • “Fixed Hours”: For longer tasks that need more time.

  • “Calculate per 6 minutes”: For quick tasks – like when someone’s almost done but needs a few more minutes. They can leave as you finish up.


The customer gets a heads-up and needs to click “APPROVE.”.


Once they do, your “End Meeting” button becomes a “Back to Dashboard” button.



6. Wrapping Up

After getting the customer’s thumbs-up, you’ll find the extended job on your Dashboard under “Available Jobs.” Click “Details.”


Under “Conversations,” you can chat with the customer. Remember, this is the ONLY place for contact – no emails, please.


Customers can send stuff like Excel sheets here. Just a heads-up: Before opening any files, visit https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload to make sure they’re virus-free.


When you’re all done, hit “Submit for Approval” at the top of your dashboard. If you need a chat with the customer about their project, click “Join.”


One last thing, the customer has to give the final approval on their end. They’ll get an email nudge to complete this step.


And that’s a wrap! We’re here to help and make things smoother for our customers. Thanks for being awesome! 🌟