Technician having a successful job

Step 1: Logging In

Start by logging into the Geeker system at this link: Get yourself set up on the dashboard to start receiving job requests.


Step 2: Taking a Job

When a customer with an issue logs in, our system will match them with an experienced Geek in that area. If you’re the right fit, you’ll receive an email and a notification on your Geeker dashboard. This will describe the customer’s problem. Click “Accept Job” to get connected. The system will wait for the customer to initiate the call, so hang in there! 🙂


Step 3: Waiting for Customer Connection

Give the customer 1-2 minutes to join the call. If they don’t, hit the “Start Call” button to dial their phone. Guide them to click “JOIN” on their screen to enter the meeting. They can stick with phone audio or switch to computer audio by clicking the “Computer Audio” button.


Step 4: Making Introductions

Once connected, introduce yourself and confirm the issue: “Hi [Customer Name], I’m [Your Name]. Thanks for choosing Geeker. Before we dive in, is it the [issue they mentioned] you need help with? Great, let’s get started!”


Step 5: Summarizing the Issue

Chat with the customer about the problem on the dashboard and click “Add.” Remember, the timer starts after this step.


Quick reminder: If you realize you can’t help, you can put the customer back in line (click “Transfer”) for another technician to assist.


After adding all the details, hit “Submit.” The customer will select the issue and confirm.


Step 6: Fixing the Issue

Address the customer’s specific problem. Ask if they want you to take control of their screen or guide them through. For screen control, they should click “Enable Remote” on their side. Pause a Remote Session by checking the bottom-right bar.


Important Note: If your Remote Session is paused and the 6-minute trial is up for a new customer, wait until they enter credit card info to continue.


Step 7: Ending the Call

Before ending, ask the customer:

  • “Did I solve your issue?”

  • “Are you happy with the results?”. Remind them they’ll be prompted to rate you for feedback. Encourage them to do so!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help. You’re doing a great job helping our customers! 🌟